When your email inbox is a lifeline to your business, effective communication is vital

The tonality in which we respond to or interact with clients can have significant influence on how the message is interpreted. Are we having a good day? Bad hair day? Regardless of how muted email communication may seem it is anything but hushed. The tone of your email voice sets the pace for how your intentions will be received.

Because most of my client communication is via email or WhatsApp, I need to make sure that my messages accurately reflect what I want to convey matched by a mood that will be received in a positive light. I understand that this method of communication is shared with my clients who in turn interact with their clients. A professional model expects her patrons to abide by a high standard of respect if she is going to consider spending time with them. She even goes to the extent of posting an etiquette page on her website complemented by clear instructions on her contact page how a client should conduct himself when reaching out to her. If his message does not convey a kind, personable and insightful note, chances are good that she will form a biased opinion. Why should her own personal standards for email etiquette be any different?

Does your email message resound with annoyance, detachment or complacency?

Ghostwriting is an intimate business relationship between client and writer. If I do not connect with a client then I cannot write her content. Isn’t there a similar parallel to a hostess determining if a gentleman is a safe and good fit for her company? Email messaging gets you started on the right foot!

Remain vigilant about positive email dialogue

Make your reader feel like the most special person on earth! In fact, make their day. Why not? Two of my longtime clients, with very different personalities, share the warmest, kindest email etiquette. They are an absolute joy to hear from and always make sure that their ‘email mood’ is positive and jovial (at times, I am able to detect if one of them is maybe having a bad day but their emails are still very gracious). One lady always uses emoticons to underscore her thoughts which I find to be a charming trait. Whenever an email pops in my inbox from either of these ladies, I feel quite happy to hear from them. Now, I am quite sure that if I have these positive experiences with these ladies’ emails then so do their clients. As it turns out, both are quite busy with regular clients whom they can count on more than two hands. Case in point.

Your email autoresponder offers a glimpse into your soul

First, let’s understand what an email auto responder suggests. It tells a client that you are not at your computer right now; busy, or sleeping. More importantly, it delivers a pronounced message about how much you care. Yes, that’s right. We all want to feel cared about.

Q: For starters, what is written in the subject line? Is it rambling on so that the reader cannot determine the nature of the subject at a glance?

A: Think of those tiny screens on mobile devices, tablets and laptops. Your subject line should be short, sweet and to the point. Be sure to test it on your cellular to ensure that this tiny user experience packs a powerful impression.

Q: How personable is the message in the body of the email? Are you speaking to one person or to an audience?

A: The modeling industry has become so competitive that the bar is constantly rising. Every one of my clients wants to obtain a more refined clientele. When addressing your reader, make him feel like he is the only one in the world to whom you are speaking. Make him feel special! Addressing your clients is not delivering that exceptional experience.

Q: Is the content loaded up with a wall of verbal diarrhea?

A: Your website serves as the portal for all details about you. Who wants to read a speech in an auto responder? Keep information at a minimum, emphasizing important details such as tour dates, links to your contact/screening page and definitely a link to your blog.

Q: How does your signature appear?

A: Close the message with an attractive signature that leaves your reader anticipating your reply. Of equal importance is your mantra. Do you have one? You should.

Q: Did you run a spell check? Typos and grammatical errors are dreadful.

A: Nails down a chalkboard is what think of every time I receive from one of my clients an email with typos or grammatical errors. All of my clients are very upscale and invest a lot of time and money into their websites, content, pictures and marketing. To receive an auto responder with errors only tarnishes a persona.

Q: Do you remember to turn off your auto responder when you don’t need it?

A: I don’t know about you but I receive hundreds of emails per day. Chances are excellent that if your clients are executives, they’re also receiving a lot of emails. On occasion, I will converse with a lady who has forgotten to turn off her auto responder. So then I get double emails half of which I can delete. This is rather bothersome, don’t you think?

Email etiquette is that priceless gem of marketing that can make you shine!

Shower your readers with enthusiasm, wit and reverence. Make them feel good! So that when your email pops into their inbox, they are excited to open it and read what you have to say rather than wondering what is the mood of the moment. Craft your email with passion, knowing that you just might make someone’s day with your thoughtful, well constructed message.

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