How to Increase Your Business in the Covid-19 Era


Escorts took a devastating blow when FOSTA-SESTA turned the sex worker industry upside down. In a knee jerk reaction, mass amounts of websites shut down. Companions scrambled to replace the .com domain suffixes of their websites with the overseas .ch suffix, attempting to avoid U.S. law enforcement. They scrubbed their web content of industry-related buzz words and deleted scores of suggestive photos from their galleries. Many adult entertainers went out of business, including notable advertising forums that served as lifelines to their patrons. Survivors were left scratching their heads, wondering how to stay afloat amid a barren landscape of advertising options. They realized that organic marketing was their only option. Many kicked themselves for not having laid the groundwork for what was now their only salvation in business – organic marketing. Survival of the fittest prevailed as the adult industry was no longer viewed by newbie escorts as a turnkey solution to make a ‘quick buck’ (not that it ever was).

Now, Covid-19 seems to have camped on the heels of FOSTA-SESTA to deliver yet another cruel blow to the livelihoods of ladies and gentlemen across all adult genres. As Forbes Magazine suggested, sex workers are weathering the perfect storm of devastating threats that have all but bankrupted the industry.

Even with the security of regular clients, escorts have taken huge losses this year, forced to survive on financial reserves or take civilian jobs – if they could find employment. Devastation has hit hardest those who have neither sown the seeds of marketing nor stashed away funds to safeguard themselves during these barren times. Now, we are experiencing a resurgence of the Corona Virus which could continue until a vaccine is released. How does one protect their health while reassuring clients that it is okay to connect without risking contagion?


While companionship will never die, it relies upon escorts updating the methods in which new business is generated. Staying ahead of the times with progressive marketing tactics is the way the fittest will survive.


When a viewer enters your website, they do so with the hope of connecting on some level. However, in this age of uncertainty, he or she may be entering a dark hole of risk. What can be done to re-assure your viewer that their health is safe with you? Consider adding a popup to your escort website design that ensures your virus-free health status. By the way, if you need a new website, go here.


New Covid-19 testing stations are popping up every day. CVS Pharmacy, health clinics and hospitals all offer virus testing and most are free. If you have tested negative for Covid-19, state this in your website popup. What’s more, your contact form might even require test results from your clients. This is a win-win solution and one that will be much appreciated by your new clients.


One of the purposes of a contact form is identifying if your admirer meets your guidelines. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) states that folks with underlying medical conditions can be at higher risk of contracting Covid-19. Consider adding these fields to your contact form:

  • What is your age?
  • Do you have any health conditions?
  • Have you displayed any of the following symptoms in the last 14 days (fever, coughing, flu, sore throat)?
  • Have you been tested for Covid-19? If yes, what were the results, my darling?

Some ladies may shy away from including such questions on their contact forms. On the other hand, admirers may appreciate this socially responsible approach.


Now, more than ever, clients want to feel confident about your stellar hygiene. What better way to instill this confidence than with content that addresses the current social climate? Naturally, social distancing does not apply on a date. So how can you ensure your new admirer that he/she is safe in your presence? Content will always be king (or queen, as it were). Need a content makeover? Go here.


  • Feature that you offer hand sanitizers upon your date’s arrival.
  • Consider displaying clips of your private space (incall) that is disinfected on a regular basis.
  • Offer packaged, disposable toiletries for a client’s use in the bathroom.
  • State notification of your recent whereabouts (have you avoided crowed spaces such as churches, bars, large gatherings?).

While your content cannot and should not attempt to guarantee that you are Covid-19-free, offering these risk-conscious solutions can instill peace of mind resonating with trust and responsibility.


Though business might be down on your booking schedule, you can be sure that potential clients continue to peruse the internet for visual satisfaction. Blogging is your communication portal in a world that is increasingly cautious about their health and reluctant to jeopardize their well-being.

Escort blogging can do so many wonderful things for you and your business. For starters, regular blogging about smart topics will label you as an authority in the eyes of search engines and clients. There will always be looky-loos with no genuine intention of forming any sort of connection with you. But there are always those who look for signs of trust and safety before reaching out. This is the type of client targeted by blogging.

In the world of digital marketing, regular blogging can put your website ‘on the map’ of search results. When a viewer is searching for a provider with your characteristics, websites with relevant content rank higher. Even though that potential suitor may not have any intention of reading an escort blog, he/she may be led to your site simply because it displayed on page one of the search engine. If for no other reason, active blogging should be your go-to tool for digital marketing!

If you’re not a blogging person, or haven’t a clue what to write when you put pen to paper, go here to view our blogging packages.


In these perilous times, no one wants to contract a virus resulting from the whim of a date. Clients are much more careful these days about who they contact. You can be sure that the escort who blogs about social awareness will be far more appealing than the one who does not. Blogging demonstrates her interest in staying informed. It also implies a sense of responsibility which her potential clients will appreciate.


As a companion, When was the last time you had a CBC from your health care provider? That’s a ‘complete blood count’ and part of a physical examination. The stronger your health, the more likely you are to resist contracting the virus or a mild case if you are exposed. And if the results of your CBC are favorable, boast away!

Is your diet health conscious? Are you vegetarian or vegan? Do you maintain an organic diet? Are you physically fit with a normal BMI (body mass index)? Any of these lifestyle choices might be found encouraging by the potential suitor exercising precautions before making his way to your contact form.


If a person’s safest intimacy partner is himself or herself, then Zoom is your answer. Put your powerful intimacy skills to work by offering a GFE Zoom Date on your consideration page. Make sure that you look amazing and that your background is appealing. Caution: be careful not to anger the Zoom gods as they are cracking down on sex parties. This is not what you want to offer.


Armed with your newly updated website design, responsible content and informed blog, you have the armor necessary to showcase yourself all over social media. Every post should include a back link to your website, citing the subject about which you are posting. For example: you may link back to a blog article that you wrote with a post that mentions a new detox smoothie you discovered and its immune boosting properties. Or perhaps you participate in a virtual power yoga class and have blogged about it. Did you snap a selfie for the article? Include the selfie in your social media post (making sure that you look your best in yoga gear!) and link back to the article. You should certainly post about the new GFE Zoom Date that you’re offering with a linkback to your consideration page. Note: always hashtag your physical characteristics (i.e., #BlondeEscort #LasVegas).

Not every potential suitor is going to click on your blog link or even view your post for that matter. But remember that social media comes with powerful search engine optimization. Regular posting could rank you at the top of the Google page, even above your website! This is a very effective tool when potential admirers are surfing the web for escorts that match your physical description.


During these dubious times, it is imperative to find time in your daily schedule to market yourself. “I don’t have the time’ or “I don’t know how to market myself’ are not excuses. As an escort, marketing is a requirement! For those who are unsure how to go about manifesting any marketing tactics or simply need advice, we offer consulting packages as pathways to your success.

We welcome questions! Go here to send us a note and set up a time for a free 10-minute chat.

Want to send us more? Check out our CWP (content writing process). It’s a great tool to organize your thoughts about branding your persona!

Is Your Content Lying to You?

What your content says about who you are and what you represent as a companion should be straightforward and easy to read no matter your personal style

This might sound difficult to believe but I find a range of content errors on almost every exotic entertainer website that I review (and I am constantly exploring). Some of the biggies include typos, grammatical errors and - the most common one of all - misrepresentations of personas. When you spend so much time cultivating your persona (assuming you have one), these heavy duty mistakes can equal costly consequences about which you might not even be aware. Sure, writing your own content and even developing a persona are no easy tasks especially when you’re on the inside looking out. How do clients see you? What do they think of you? Are they getting the impression that you want them to receive? You work hard in your profession. Your website and content should work hard for you.

The majority of my clients feel that their content does not accurately represent the lady whom they wish to portray

And they do not know how to put the pieces of this very important puzzle together. In short, their sensual web content misses and is misaligned with their personality because they don’t know how to write a mirror image of their personas. Often, many ladies do not even possess a clearly defined persona and have difficulty separating the real person from the companion. They wonder why they are not in control of their business and consequently grow frustrated with their lackluster client base.

This is when consulting comes into the picture

Thus, begins a fun and introspective journey down a path of enlightenment that intermingles personal with business. Isn’t intimacy the very nature of your profession? Whether we address entertainment branding or marketing (usually a blend of both), the novice or seasoned courtesan always delights in the growth of her business almost immediately. Once we achieve a much-needed balance, we are ready to pursue the task of content writing.

Companions who understand the importance of well-written content hire a seasoned adult copywriter when they are serious about upgrading their clientele

What is the definition of upgrading your clientele? To most ladies, it means attracting respectful, well-heeled gentlemen who can afford the luxury of extended dates or monthly arrangements. True. But such a profile is only scratching the surface of how detailed this vision should become. To that end, most ladies are shy about analyzing and delineating a precision client profile. They do not realize that the very client type for which they long is the one that searches for the upscale model who authentically represents herself in a class all her own. This client type is the crème de la crème, the upper echelon of suitors that exist in a small percentage of gentlemen who seek the company of courtesans. More on this topic in another article. Once my client and I polish her brand , complete the consultation process, new web content and so often a new website design, she follows our designated strategy to a T. As a result, she enjoys the fruits of her efforts - a refined clientele, higher quality engagements and increased income.


As a professional model, do you get the feeling that you are losing money?

  • If your inbox is empty, something is wrong
  • If you attract mostly one-hour dates, something is imbalanced
  • If you receive one-liner emails, something is skewed
  • If your clients are not your type and you have to ‘fake it’, something is amiss
  • Victim of SESTA? We can help!


The career lifespan of an intimate hostess is limited

While all of these details may sound overwhelming, if not addressed thoroughly can equal loss of income and in a saturated market, failure and even bankruptcy. Ouch! I’m quite sure that no one wants to waste their valuable time or worse, go broke. Many companions are single mothers or are moonlighting to support side businesses. Many of my long term clients will attest to my words when I say that the business of entertainment is like any other in the entrepreneurial world. As an independent business owner, fortify your craft with excellent content, a dynamic website and outstanding photos. That is, if you want to do it right, enjoy quality of life and make lots of money.