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Introducing your new partners in crime: Mark and Meeshee. Mark does the technical stuff and Meeshee does the creative stuff. They are both highly artistic and über innovative. With more than twenty collective years of experience in copywriting, marketing and branding in the field of exotic entertainment, Mark and Meeshee bring a wealth of knowledge to their clients, assisting independent entertainers and modeling agencies all over the world. Their work is totally customized to fit the needs of each and every client.

Meeshee. A Curious Mind with a Thirst to Create. Want to know more about her?

Fanatical writer * Ne plus ultra * Aversion to drama * Word lover * COMMUNICATOR * Gyokuro green tea from Kiyoto * Don’t make me shop * Rituals. Rituals. Did I say rituals? * Boot. All kinds * 4am * Someone else’s snake * A symphony of rain drops * Insane organizer * Shanthimalai Red Nag Champa * Fire me up self-starter * It’s a Mad World * Fearless entrepreneur * Genuine to the bone * Potatoes rule * Purveyor of Pellegrino * EMPATH * CREATOR * FRIEND * PRETEND SINGER * Saying hello to an elderly person * GENEROSITY * Kind of clairvoyant * FAMILIARS * Massage with Sea Buckthorn Oil * Snow flurries * Undying optimism * Ceremonious dining where not much is eaten * SAUCE * Spaciousness in small spaces * 1-level floor plans * NINA SIMONE * Dark patchouli oil * Researching to enlighten * Anything unconventional * CONSUMMATE GENTLEMEN * Those who dare to self-express * Kitten kisses * The transparency of children * Everything Disney * Flickering candles at sunrise * Lucid dreams * Herbs and spices that celebrate food without drowning it * Ideas on napkins * Astrology * GUT FEELINGS * Every ballet * Viewing the world through my camera lens * All things ethnic * LISTENING * Cobblestone streets * Humbly sophisticated people * Women without airs * All things organic * ANIMAL LOVER * Coveter of solitude * Folks who don’t try too hard * Authentic girlfriends * Nice people * Fromage et craquelins * Passionflower vine * The Elgar * THOSE WHO DON’T JUDGE * Redwood National Forest * Cinnamon Altoids * Baby angels

Mark. A Digital Legend in His Own Right. Curious to know more?

Uncanny nerd meets politics junky * Agility redefined * Married to the journey of enterprise * Calling the shots behind the scenes * Dwelling in the ethereal * Balancing the scales of life * Understanding the empowered woman without going insane * Beta male.Ssshhh * FAIRNESS TO THE LESS FORTUNATE * Milk chocolate with almonds * Long walks in ancient cities * Reverence for first responders * CONDEMNATION OF CORRUPTNESS * A clean swamp * Peripheral vision * women who own their femininity * Writings by MILAN KUNDERA * Fascination with Fascist leaders * Ringo Starr * Hold the broccoli * On arrogance: run, don’t walk * No b.s. please * HELPING OTHERS * The History Channel * A beer for breakfast when in London * My drums, of course